Encourage - en·cour·age -1. to give somebody hope, confidence, or courage 2.  be supportive of somebody - to urge somebody in a helpful way to do or be something

Thoughtful Creations, LLC - Gifts to encourage you, your family and your friends!

Gifts to encourage you, your family and your friends!

Thoughtful Creations, LLC

Thoughtful Creations, LLC is all about unique gifts to encourage you, your family, and your friends!  Including:

· Personalized Jars/Bags of Chocolate Chip Cookies;

· Cube Mighties for pictures on your fridge;

· Go Ask Anyone Cards;

· Fresh Wave Spray, Fresh Wave Continuous Release Gel, Fresh Wave Candles;

· Beautiful fabric covered brag books, frames, magnetic art strips, and more;

· Life’s Little Reminders Postcards;

· Lunch Mail;

· Why Not? Postcards;

· PostERcards;

· Tin Words;

· Tin Word Shelf Sitters;

· Caspari Greeting Cards;

· Personalized Baby Pillows

· Yummy foods includes:

· Texas Chewey Pralines

· Foster’s Seven Pepper Jelly

· Savannah Squares Praline Crunch

· High Falutin’ Cheddars

· DaySpring Greeting Cards

· exclusive Jacksonville provider for Crafty Girls Keepsakes Kits (as seen on Oprah’s million dollar idea challenge);


Plus other unique and cleaver ideas to encourage others! 


We also provide companies with tailored and unique gifts for their employees.  Everything from:

· gifts from real estate developers given to their homeowners at closing

· baby shower gifts

· birthday presents for employees

· incentive gift packages for employees

· customer appreciation gifts.


We tailor to your budget and goals!  We also work with Party and Event Planners to provide gifts for large events.


Thoughtful Creations, LLC is also a Home Party Business that allows you to host a show, invite your friends and earn 10% of show revenues in free products.  Click here to find out more on how to host your own Thoughtful Creations, LLC Home Party Show.

Thoughtful Creations, LLC is located in Jacksonville, Florida, home of the 2005 Super Bowl and the Jacksonville Jaguars! 

1357 West Beaver Street

Jacksonville, FL  32209

Phone: 904-798-1640

Fax: 904-306-9608

E-mail:  Info@Thoughtful-Creations.com

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